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PostSubject: ***RECRUIT APPLICATION***   Fri Jan 30, 2009 3:44 am

All new recruits are to answer the following questions and submit them to an S&A founder or officer in a thread on this forum. All threads should include the PSN of newly recruited or applying members.

Your PS3 PSN:
Your current age:
Your current location (optional):
Favorite SOCOM map:
Number of hours played per week:
Please list any previous clans you played for during Confrontation:
How did you hear about S&A?:
If you were referred to S&A, list their name here:

After posting the application all new recruits/members will go through their two week probationary period. After that time the founders/officers will hold a vote and decide if said recruits are to remain on the team. Those that make it will be given full access to the S&A forums, and those that don't will be removed from the roster.

During the probationary period current S&A members will look for professionalism, communication, and teamwork.

Any questions are to be directed to the founding members or clan officers.

Thank you,
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